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Ultimate Car Wash Technology – Fully Autonomous Systems

Get in – Get Out – Get Clean

The most advanced car wash systems in Chicagoland

Get Your Clean On and Your Dirty Off

When it comes to giving your car the best shine, Dream Clean is your only answer in Chicagoland. Our automated car washing services will provide your vehicle with the best cleaning services and give your car the sparkle you desire.  What makes our washes different? See more about our exclusive services below.

Complete CLean

Our washes have soap jets on both the top and the bottom so you can ensure that your car gets a complete clean from roof to tires.

Jet Stream Has Nothing On us

We have new high powered jets that will powerfully spray the dirt, stains, and more out even the smallest opening in your vehicle. 

Relax. Enjoy the show.

All of our washed have dual layer conveyor belts built in. These will protect the undercarriage of your car and give you the ability to sit back, relax, and know your vehicle is safe.

Power Brushes

Our brushes are consistently maintained and always ready to handle anything you want to throw at them! We challenge you to come through with your dirtiest car so we can prove it over and over again!

Get in Get Out

With our high powered, high pressure systems, our dual layer converyor belt, and our highly trained customer friendly staff our washed will get your car in and out in a flash! We know you have places to go, we want to help get you there with a sparkle!  

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